Organ Appeal

The  Jordanhill  Organ  Appeal                     

In late 2015 Harrison and Harrison Ltd visited Jordanhill Parish Church to survey the organ and report recommendations for the future.  They gave an enthusiastic report on how good the organ was.  Whilst the original organ had not been built for the church it is extremely well suited to the building and a good match musically for the sanctuary, other reports have also noted the tone of the organ and how well suited it is to the space.  The National Pipe Organ Register listing can be found following this link.  NPO Register

Originally built in 1903 by Lewis & Co it was commissioned for a private house outside Helensburgh on the west coast of Scotland.  In 1922 the owner was moving to work in London and was keen to find a new home for the instrument.  The organ was purchased by the congregation and installed the following year at the cost of £1100, along with the proviso that the original owner could come and play it whenever he wanted. A number of years later minor changes, including the replacing the Great pipework, were made to the organ by noted organ builder James Mackenzie who looked after the organ for many years.

Other Lewis & Co organs include the far larger sister organ in the Glasgow Kelvingrove Gallery which was made in 1901, and the Choir Organ in the Apse at Westminster Cathedral built in 1910.

Over recent years the organ has received regular upkeep to its original pipework including most recently the releathering of many parts.  Despite this, and after many years of continual use and wear and tear, the time has come for some major work to ensure that it does not become unplayable and fall silent.

What needs to be done?

After consultation and inspection we commissioned the knowledge and expertise of Harrison and Harrison to undertake the necessary work required to take the organ to the next stage of its life.  
The organ builders have spent the last couple of years building up and extensive knowledge and understanding of the organ through regular tuning.  They have identified several areas needing attention to ensure the organs continued role.  The major element needing resolved is the lead tubing that is perishing due to age.

The work required

  • Conversion of the actions to electro-pneumatic operation, improving reliability

                     which necessitates : Installation of two new keyboards
                                                                   and overhaul of the pedal board

  • Refurbish the wind system with a new double rise reservoir

Why should we do this work?

The development of the organ and modernising of the mechanism will allow the organ to breath new life into the next stage of its involvement within the church and as a resource for the community.

  • It will be a more reliable instrument to accompany worship and choirs.
  • It will be a more usable asset for the community for concerts and celebrations
  • It will be a better equipped resource to encourage new and young musicians


The project will hugely improve the reliability of the organ, fixing missing notes, improving accessibility for maintenance, and replacing the now perishing lead tubing.  Harrison and Harrison are renowned for their craftsmanship and reliability and will capably refurbish and rebuild the mechanisms to ensure the organ is fit for the future worship in Jordanhill Parish Church. Ultimately ensuring its playability and ability to accompany worship for the congregation, special events, and ensuring its life as an important community asset.  In short: 

  • This work will provide a more reliable instrument and a better quality asset for the community.
  • The refurbished organ and the talents of the new Director of Music, Tiffany Vong, open up exciting new streams of learning for local children from schools in the area.
  • In the long term this work secures the future of the instrument for many generations to come.

How much will it cost?

£68,400  –  Conversion of action, pedal-board and keyboard (£57000+VAT)
£21,900  –  Wind System (£18250+VAT)

How can I contribute?

We welcome donations and pledges in various ways.  Donations can be given at any time through the church office, 0141-959-2496 or email at  

Special One-Off Gifts : If anyone would like to contribute directly to one specific part of the project, the new pedalboard, or new keyboard, then Rev Bruce Sinclair or Tiffany Vong would be more than happy to talk through the possibilities.  

Organ Recital with Tiffany Vong, Director of Music, and Church Organist